Local Banking
for Cannabis Companies in Mississippi and Alabama

Platform Integration

Consolidate, streamline and monitor transaction and fund movement activity through one secure platform.

Online & Mobile Banking

Convenient. Compliant. Protected.
Online services and mobile access for local Cannabis professionals.


Professional Cash Transport Services that are responsive, dependable and trusted with your transactions and deposits

Treasury Solutions

Ensure adherence with regulatory governance while streamlining operational productivity, efficiency and profitability

Who We Are

Backed by a state-chartered Mississippi bank with more than 100 years of experience, CannaFirst Financial is a dedicated division of banking professionals who work directly with Cannabis business owners and their affiliates. We provide sustained banking services and regulatory guidance to ensure that your business will continue to thrive.

CannaFirst Financial is powered by Merchants & Marine Bank

Who We Serve

Testing Labs
Armored Car Services
CBD/Hemp Retailers

A Bank for Your Business

CannaFirst is a division of one of Mississippi’s most trusted banking institutions, Merchants & Marine Bank. We are not consultants or fly-by-night advisors. We have a vested interest in seeing your business grow and we understand the challenges and rewards of business banking from seed to harvest. 

A Bank with Community Roots and Real Experience

Cannabis-related business owners need professional banking partnerships to successfully maintain financial and operational compliance, and we are here to help. Led by Mississippi and Alabama cannabis banking experts, CannaFirst Financial will help you navigate regulatory waters and protect your income 

Bankers Who Understand Cash and Technology

Your business requires banking expertise that ensures propriety in the management of your automated financial needs. We work with Financial Technology (FinTech) providers to keep your business current and we are always watching to make sure the providers who work for us are also working for you.